Hype Game:

Hype is the world's first linear multi-directional word spelling game. The patented flippable discs allow players to spell words in 8 different directions. Hype specifically trains the visual memory of the Player!

Contents: 60 Octagonal (8 sided) Tiles

Objective: Score points by spelling Words.

Players: 1-4 Age: 6+ Suitable for all Ages!


Hype Sample:

Lateral thinking and the ability to think outside the box are integral to playing Hype

as letters can be flipped: use 'd' in one word as 'p' in another word at the same time!



Spell: W-O-R-D to start!


Spell: G-A-M-E using 'W' in word as 'M'


Spell: P-L-A-Y using 'D' in word as 'P'